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Givenchy Lip Liner Waterproof Pencil w/ Sharpener .03 oz - Lip Orange 4

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For truly sublime lips in a single step, Givenchy's lip liner creates the ideal line and enhances the hold of your lipstick. This supple formula glides onto lips for easy application and ideal contouring, and is for anyone looking for perfectly lined lips with a comfortable, long-lasting lip liner. The creamy formula retains the ingredients that led to its success--antioxidant vitamins A and E, carnauba and candelilla waxes, as well as nourishing and revitalizing oils.

How do I use it: Trace the contour of your lips, following their natural shape. Begin with the outline of your top lip, and place the tip of the pencil on the bow of your lip and outline the right-hand side. Place the tip on the bow of your lip again and outline the left-hand side. Then trace the contour of the lower lip, beginning at the center and outlining the right-hand side. Place the tip on the center of the lower lip again and outline the left-hand side.

Tips to visually increase or decrease the volume of your lips: There is a natural white outline around your lips (which is what you follow to trace the contour of your lips without trying to correct their shape). To enlarge the look of your lips, draw just outside of this line. To lessen the volume of your lips, draw just inside this line.

Tips to extend the hold of your lipstick: Trace the outline of your lips, then thicken the line toward the interior of the contour (ideally, cover the lips entirely with liner). Then apply lipstick over the liner.

Tips for an ombre look: Choose a lip pencil and lipstick (not included) in coordinating colors. Trace a precise line along the lip contour and blot the interior of the lips with a fingertip to blend. Apply lipstick to the center of the lips. Press lips together and apply a second coat if desired, to intensify the effect.

From Givenchy.



  • 0.03-oz Lip Liner

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