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Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Lip Pencil w/ Sharpener - Crime -

$19.50: You save 11% $22

The original chubby lip pencil that inspired a thousand imitations, Chinatown is the pioneer of gloss-on-the-go, combining effortless application, a deliciously moisturising texture and sheer shades in vibrant brights.

  • Silky smooth formulation with just the right amount of color.
  • Ultimate moisturization contains hydrating and soothing ingredients to revitalize lips and enhance moisture levels.
  • Easy to use - the pencil glides on so sheer and easy!
  • Bright pops of color in super sheer. You can wear shades in this formula that you would never be able to wear in a full-coverage lip color.
  • Each pencil comes with a jumbo-sized sharpener.

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