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Nars velvet matte lip pencil - Bolero 2470 - 0.08 oz

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Nars velvet matte lip pencil - Bolero 2470 - 0.08 oz

A cult-favorite, matte lip pencil that instantly delivers the impact of a matte lipstick with the spontaneity of a pencil.

The NARS Velvet Pencil ensures that lips are instantly saturated with rich, vivid pigments and a velvety matte finish. Its jumbo size provides the application of a lipstick with the convenience of an artist pencil, and the tapered end is perfect for lining, defining, and filling in lips. Its non-drying formula is enriched with vitamin E and emollients for a creamy texture, while a blend of unique silicones ensures long-lasting, seamless matte color for hours. Just pair it with another lip product for added dimension or as a tinted base. Whether it’s soft and neutral or bold and edgy, this lip pencil is ideal for making a lip statement.

This product works best with the NARS Pencil Sharpener; other sharpeners may be harmful or damaging.


Instantly coats lips with rich pigment, imparting a longwear, velvet matte finish that won't dry out lips.

  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant offering nourishment to the lips.

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